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Competitors Data is specialized in marketing analysis researches from two points of view, the mathematical one and the Information of Technologies

By the IT side, we offer two options, in the first place is the web scraping and in second place the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA's) according to custumer needs.

Get your competitors database (Web Scraping)

Web Scraping

Web scraping is the given name to the ability to obtain any desired information from a web site, no matter how many data might be, doing this job automatically by using a specialized software. This method is used to extract big data sets like online store dtabases with thousends of products.

We have developed a software capable of extracting any information requiered from our customers, from one to as many site as the customer need, it doesn't matter the location of the web server where the website is located. Delivering the information in the most convinient format, which can be an Excel, CSV or a MySql database. More...

Search Engine Marketing

Being on top of a web search engine is escential to improve your sales since people search on the web before buying or even more, they buy through the web.

We will help you to place your business website on top of most important search engines. We will create and/or optimize your campaignes so you may improve the return of your investment.

I you already have created a campaigne, we will help you to optimize it and make it profitable, or if you doesn't have one, we will created it for you and optimized it Read more...

Search Engine Marketing Adwords and Bing Ads
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