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About Us

London, The City

Competitors Data is a brand of Provectus Hydraulica SL, created by highly experienced software development engineers, specialized on the development of solutions, to obtain large amounts of information from complex data structures, stored in remote servers.

We are a multicultural team formed by IT and data analysis specialists, where each of us contributes his vision of the world, and therefore many ways to give solution to complex problems. Due to these, we have adquired an open minded view that allows us offer better solutions to our clients needs.

Our Mission

Offer our clientes and the world a simple way to access large data bases located on remote servers, create reports and analyze especific data, to improve our client's efficiency and effectiveness of their sales and managerial processes

Our Vision

Competitors Data aims to establish as the worldwide number one in the field of website data acquiring, as well as in data processing techniques, to obtain market researches.

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