Competitors Data The best way to get ahead of your competitors

The best way to get ahead of your competitors

Having full knowledge that the future is on the internet, we offer our clients services that allows them to obtain a competitive advantage, such are the cases of websites data acquiring, better known as web scraping or the case of creating search engine marketing campaigns and/or optimized them, using the Google Adwords and Microsoft Yahoo-Bing platforms

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Obtain your competitors data base (Web scraping)

We have developed a specialized software to obtain information from any web site in the Internet. This allows us to collect specific information from any web site, no matter the size of amount of information stored. We are capable to crawl enormous web sites with thousends or millions of products, process the information and deliver this as a data base in our clints requested format.

Get on top of the search engines with Google AdWords and Microsoft Yahoo-Bing Ads

The currently most powerfull online marketing advertising platform is AdWords from Google since it offers the wider coverage at both, global and national levels and also many opportunities to diplay ads through its search engine and through it's partners such as YouTube.

On the second place is Microsoft Bing Ads Platform which keeps a wide coverage and due to the adquisition of Yahoo Search, now it has become more powerfull by joining together two high level search engines, Bing and Yahoo

Whether you want to position your website in the three search engines listed above as well as if only want to position your website in one, we offer the complete solution:

  • Creation of the online campaign and/or
  • Monthly campaign optimization
  • We ensure improved performance of your campaigns and
  • We will teach you how to measure the Return of investment of your online campaigns and also
  • To measure the efficiency over your campaing and
  • As consequence your sales, contacts or the objective of having a website will improve
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